Why Donating or Selling Textbooks is a Good Thing

February 3, 2018


If you’ve recently taken some college classes, dropped a class or have finished up your college degree, you may have boxes of college textbooks gracing your home or apartment.


Instead of keeping them or tossing them in the recycle bin, you’re better off making some cash by donating or selling them to a place that help you donate or sell your used textbooks.


That extra cash could be used as a lump sum payment on your student loans, as money for your first car to get to work or for a much needed vacation as you relish being done with your classes. If it ends up being a textbook donation, it will reduce the number of textbooks that must be printed. It may help a community or senior center raise much needed funds in a book sale. It may be mailed to an inmate in prison free of charge.





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