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Our Books to Inmates Effort

Some of the books that we receive for donation and some of the books we buy go to prison inmates for free.

Why do we do this?

Nearly 75% of prison inmates did not complete their high school education. 65% of inmates are dealing with substance abuse or addictions. It's been estimated that about half have at least one serious mental health issue. Years or decades spent behind bars deprives people of formal education and job experience.

Think about it. Most people who enter prison eventually leave. Every year hundreds of thousands of individuals return to the community with the same problems that got them in there in the first place, still unaddressed and often times worse.

The answers to these problems is knowledge.

The truth of the matter is that access to books is often a limited opportunity in jails. The selection of books is often few. Funding access to books in prison is often cut or non-existent. Studies have overwhelmingly shown that prisoners who become more educated while in jail are much less likely to return to prison. The free books we provide address this.

#booksforprisoners #freebooks #educationisgood

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