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Acceptable school textbook condition - Understanding book conditions

We purchase books in Very Good condition or better. Books in this condition do not have the following:

  • Broken spine or binding

  • Missing, torn or loose pages

  • Excessive writing, marking or highlighting

  • Stains or water damage

  • Burns or rips

  • Any other significant damage

  • We can only purchase physical books and do not purchase e-books

We don't buy International or Teacher's Editions, so here are some tips on how to identify them:

  • Colorful tape on the front, back or spine of the book that covers Teacher's or International Edition markings

  • Tape covering the ISBN barcode on the back of the book

  • Stickers on the cover that say "Not for Resale"

  • Notations somewhere on the first seven pages that say "Teacher's Edition" or "International Edition"

  • Markings on the spine, top, or bottom that say IE or TE

Make sure there are no Teacher's or International markings on the outside of the book

Check the ISBN on the edition notice or copyright page of the book

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