Frequent Questions

How Does Book Donation Work?

Depending on what you have, there are several ways we can work with you. If you have a smaller number of books, we can direct you to an authorized book dropoff near you. If you have a larger number of books, we can pick them up at your convenience. We can discuss this with you depending on what you have and how you'd like to work with us.

What Kinds of Books Do You Buy or Accept for Donation?

We accept virtually any kind of book that is in useable condition. If your books are textbooks, hardcover books, softcover books, children’s books, fiction, non-fiction, educational, how-to, vocational and many others, just ask.

Who Benefits from My Book Donations?

The vast majority of books that are donated are sorted and go to benefit book sales at senior centers, given to neighborhood free libraries, dropped off at after school centers and community centers. Books are also mailed free of charge to inmates in prisons nationwide at their request. You can click on Blog at the top of the page and see where your books go.

How Can I Help?

Donations of books is the biggest need. If you have a suitable location that could act as a book drop-off, please contact us. We will provide instructions, pickup books from your location and give you a suitable sign to hang up. We'll also include your location in our list of registered book drop-off locations. If you don't object, we'll also write a blog posting about your location. Thanks for your interest in this question.