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About Us

We have years of experience creating organizations that benefit those in need. Here are some examples of charitable organizations we've started and continue to promote.

This is an organization that matches up volunteer drivers with the visually impaired for a drive around town with a rich verbal description of the surroundings:

This is a site which promotes the charitable giving of items of need to charitable organizations that distribute needed supplies to those in need:

This is an organized effort to collect older working cellphones that benefit women-at-risk and senior citizens. Did you know that an old cellphone that still works will dial 911 without any cellular plan?

This is the most comprehensive directory of recovery houses for men and women as well as homeless shelters and food pantries in Southeastern Pennsylvania.

When we saw a genuine need for students, seniors, daycare organizations, inmates, community centers and more to receive books to use and to sell books to benefit their organizations, our management team stepped up and began doing what was needed.

Please read our Blog, send us a note or give us a call if you have any questions. Our contact information is listed below as well as on our contact page.

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